The Madden NFL franchise has spawned many rivalries over the decades but who knew that one of those rivalries was between Paul Rudd and Ray Lewis? Well, nobody. We made it up. But the unlikely duo turned out to be a big hit for EA, garnering crazy amounts of attention from the national press as well as die-hard Madden fans alike. It increased sales by 5% over the previous year in a category that was down 23%. 


Gold Effie x1

Creative Directors: Warren Cockrel, Anna Rowland
Creatives: 👋 (CW/AD), James King (CW), Richard Fischer (AD)
Director: Wayne McClammy
Agency: Heat SF

John Verrochi, CD

I’m a Creative Director and Designer whose worked with some of the top agencies and brands in the world, including Droga5, Edelman, RG/A and Facebook. I combine art direction, copywriting, and design with my love for film, technology, psychology, and humor to create memorable and effective brand campaigns. (Or, at least, that’s the idea. 🤞) My work has been recognized by several industry awards and publications, such as Cannes Lions, the One Show, and the New York Times. You can learn more about me here. ︎︎︎

Selected Work

Reebok        /       JP Morgan
Chase        /        Athleta
Biden for President        /       Weight Watchers
MINI x KISS        /       Madden NFL
Microsoft    /    MINI Cooper
MiSFits       /       World Wide Technology


I’m an independent Creative Director whose skills range from strategy, branding, and design to art direction, copywriting, and team management. My work is informed by my background in design and advertising combined with a love for film, technology, psychology, and anything that’s funny.