The Chase account is a beast, made up of several different businesses, products and initiatives that all have their own objectives. I was a lead creative on the account, overseeing a team of 20+ creatives, strategist, producers and designers. Below is a sampling of the range of projects I touched. 


21 years later Catherine O’Hara is back to reprise her role in Home Alone and this time she’s lost a different Kevin.
This Chase Freedom campaign was a fun, festive mash-up for the holidays.

Creatives: Lee Einhorn, Tyler Hampton
Director: Jake Szymanski
Agency: Droga5

We launched the rebranding of Chase Sapphire. Beyond a massive digital and social campaign, the OOH campaign included a full scale takeover of four airports - BOS, AUS, PHX, and LGA.

In addition to the visual brand gudielines created for Chase Sapphire, we also made four films bespoke for social media. 

A Credit Journey commercial and, of course, Kevin Hart. 

John Verrochi, CD

I’m a Creative Director and Designer whose worked with some of the top agencies and brands in the world, including Droga5, Translation, RG/A and Facebook. I combine my skills in art direction, copywriting, and design with my passion for film, technology, psychology, and humor to create memorable and effective brand campaigns. (Or, at least, that’s the idea. 🤞) My work has been recognized by several industry awards and publications, such as Cannes Lions, the One Show, and the New York Times. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.


I’m an independent Creative Director whose skills range from strategy, branding, and design to art direction, copywriting, and team management. My work is informed by my background in design and advertising combined with a love for film, technology, psychology, and anything that’s funny.