On a professional note:

With 6+ years of experience as a creative director, I have enjoyed working with a diverse set of clients and creatives to create big, impactful brand campaigns. Some of the most notable being Reebok, JP Morgan, Chase Bank, Samsung, Madden NFL and the POTUS.

As a creative leader at Droga5, I oversaw the JP Morgan and Chase Bank accounts (one of the largest at the agency), leading a team of 20+ creatives, strategist  producers, and managers. During that time we developed and produced dozens of campaigns for several units of their business, including Chase Banking App, Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire, Chase Auto, Credit Journey, and JP Morgan’s first ever brand campaign. My role involved guiding the creative process and working directly with clients to ensure creative excellence and a consistent tonality across their multiple business verticals. That included collaborating with A-list celebrity talent such as Catherine O’Hara, Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union. My time there culminated with the complete rebranding of the Chase Sapphire account. My role involved overseeing the brand creative (copy, art, design and strategy) across several media outlets including a OOH takeover of four national airports, a full scale digital campaign, social media films, and a broadcast spot.  

Before my time at Droga I was a GCD at Translation, contracted to help develop a brand campaign that would encompass all of AT&T’s global business untis. I led a team of 20+ creatives, producers, designers and managers overseeing several campaign variations. In addition to the brand campaign, we helped create AT&T’s first internal diversity initiative that included a mobile app for employees, a documentary film series, a community outreach program and a launch event featuring Grant Hill and Lisa Ling.

Before that, I had the privelage of being tapped for a select team of creatives and producers tasked with developing broadcast spots for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. We worked closely with the internal campaign team to help craft the strategy and messaging for the campaign. Our Vote For spot was Joe Biden’s top tweet for the month of October leading up to election day and was praised by many as one of the best commericals of the campaign season.  AdAge called it “the most positive negative ad yet.” It’s been viewed over 8 million times.

And before that, I was freelancing at various agencies around America. At the start of 2020, I was part of a select team of creatives at Droga5 that developed the Facebook campaign in response to the COVID19 pandemic. More PSA than an advertising campaign, we rushed to get out information as soon as it became available as well as crafted heartlifting message to help people cope with the disaster. In 2019, I worked on the Sport the Unexpected campaign for Reebok that won several industry awards, including a couple of Cannes Lions and Clios. Although I’m still a little bummed they didn’t produce my Cardi B as Miss Cleo idea. And from 2016 to 2018, I was a floating CD at Edelman. Usually with the support of a small team of creatives working into me, I developed activations and PR events for a wide range of clients including Dove, HomeGoods, Foot Locker and Wingstop.

If you want to know more than that then we should talk.

On a personal note:

• I’m an avid cyclist.
     4,500 miles a year at my peak (or whenever there’s a pandemic).
    My current bike is a Colnago C64 with Mapei colorway 😍
    I’ve been hit by a car twice, and lived to write this About Me section.

• I’m a voracious reader.
    I read 15-20 books a year. (Which isn’t quite “voracious”, but I’m getting there.)
    Recent books include: 
       The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott 
       The Immortality Key by Brian Muraresku
       The Origins and History of Consciouness by Erich Neumann  
       Underland by Robert Macfarlane

• I journal my dreams.
    I will spare you the retelling of them, but I would love to hear about your dreams
    and offer up my amateur interpretation and psychoanalysis.

• I like to cook.
    My shakshouka game is on point.
    My go-to Thanksgiving dish is a Butternut Squash with Slow-Cooked Onions
    and a Pistachio Pesto. 🤤
    Also, my guacamole is better than your guacamole.

• I’m getting into mycology.
    Yes, mainly for the psychadelics.
    But I’m also finding it helpful in identifying all sorts of mushrooms. Like the ones growing in
    my garage that turned out to be osyter mushrooms. I ate some and they were alright!
    Plus, I’m still alive. Mycology FTW. 

• I used to want to be an artist.
    I still do want to be an artist, but I used to, too. (RIP Mitch Hedberg.)
    In fact, I recently started drawing again. You can follow my progress here.

John Verrochi, CD

I’m a Creative Director and Designer whose worked with some of the top agencies and brands in the world, including Droga5, Edelman, RG/A and Facebook. I combine art direction, copywriting, and design with my love for film, technology, psychology, and humor to create memorable and effective brand campaigns. (Or, at least, that’s the idea. 🤞) My work has been recognized by several industry awards and publications, such as Cannes Lions, the One Show, and the New York Times. You can learn more about me here. ︎︎︎

Selected Work

Reebok        /       JP Morgan
Chase        /        Athleta
Biden for President        /       Weight Watchers
MINI x KISS        /       Madden NFL
Microsoft    /    MINI Cooper
MiSFits       /       World Wide Technology


I’m an independent Creative Director whose skills range from strategy, branding, and design to art direction, copywriting, and team management. My work is informed by my background in design and advertising combined with a love for film, technology, psychology, and anything that’s funny.